Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be A Man! (but not really)

Menswear. It's one of those hit-and-miss things. If you put on a blazer and it makes you look wider than you really are, you missed. If you try on a pair of slack and it smooths your legs into a lean, long line, you hit it. Menswear is something that must be approached with caution. Like minidresses, jeggings and orange, they can bring out both the best and worst in people.

The most recognizable menswear pieces are:
#1-The Blazer

#3-Button Down

These pieces are essential for every wardrobe. They can be fit into almost any outfit, any time.

The menswear was epitomized by Marlene Dietrich in the 30's. This inspired women in the workforce to start wearing more tailored, clean-cut clothing, i.e, what a man would wear.

Now, remember the best and worst thing I was telling you about? Here it is.

Do you know why the model looks so upset? IT'S BECAUSE THIS OUTFIT IS CRAP! Just like you would omit the tight-on-tight to avoid looking like a hooker, you need to omit loose-on-loose to avoid looking like a homeless hipster. (One kind of goes hand in hand with the other)

By adding a more colorful, fitted dress underneath, you draw the eye to your curves, instead of covering them up.

Think of slacks as the local Y. If you're going to swim in it, do it right.

The slacks, which are a crisp cream color, elongate the leg with their length and soft draping. Look for pairs like these, that sit at your natural waist, and flatter it.

Fitted slacks are like trying to get a bullseye with a sewing needle. First of all, the slacks themselves need to go to the ankle. Secondly, they need to be made of a fabric that does NOT accentuate your every flaw, such as corduroy, or tweed.

Worst-Button Down
What most people don't realize is that a button-down isn't just for work. It's a more chic alternative to a hoodie or......anything really.
Just don't look like you robbed your overweight uncle's closet, like so.

If you're going to go big like this, tuck it in, like so. And never, ever wear something this big over a mini. It looks like you forgot pants. (Sorry about the shirt poking out in the back, sometimes the effects on here can get a little sketchy)

Fitted button-downs can also add a more sophisticated touch to any ensemble.


Remember: There is nothing sexier than a woman who can pull off menswear.


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