Friday, May 4, 2012


Me, I'm pretty feminine. A friend of mine, not so much. Sure, she can wear a dress with the best of  'em, she just chooses not to, but recently we were out shopping, and I persuaded her to purchase a lace tee, just to layer over tanks and camis. It's now one of her wardrobe essentials, and she loves it. (I secretly maintain that it's the reason her longtime crush FINALLY asking her out)
The point is, lace doesn't have to be limited to lingerie. Or lingerie that tries to disguise itself as clothing, like this.

I say, miss Abby Clancy, your frock is simply charming, eh what?
Lace is one of those fabrics where it can be worn either way, as long as it the RIGHT way.
In the case of Loose Lace, you really can't go wrong as long as it's a small piece. You don't want to look like a fancy-schmancy feed sack. Or like the cover image for a cheesy romance novel.

On an unrelated note, Lace Pants: NO
Don't touch them, don't go near them, just........NO. Shorts or a skirt, maybe capris, but that's it. Lace is not for pants. NO.

On to tight lace. As said, wear it right. As in, not like this.
Bad tight lace

It's okay for lace to be tight, just not see-through. And notice how the lace here is just a repetitive pattern? Yeah, that means it's cheap. You think Kate Middleton's wedding dress looked like that? Nu-uh.
And while you don't have to marry Prince William to get your hands on some quality lace, you should make sure it doesn't look like the above.

Better. Enjoy the fact you can wear this stuff.Lac e