Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Florals 101

Florals. We all love them. Some among us hate them, but that's okay. They just haven't found the right kind. What many people who dislike florals is that there are many kinds. They aren't all pink and pretty. Take a gander.
                Hippie                                            Flirty


Tomboy                                                            Nautical

It's all about shape, cut and color. For example: the tomboy elements are boxy, and casual, which are the two things tomboys themselves are drawn to in clothing.
It also has a lot to do with context. Lighthearted events, such as cocktail parties, a night out with the girls, or even book club, are things where florals are the perfect print. For things like funerals, or a blind date you're dreading.
Another issue is that some florals look too little-girlish. Observe.

By adding neutrals (belt, cardi) and adding shoes that have a color in common with the dress (you don't have to do this with just shoes), the overall look becomes more grown up, and professional.

But how do you make florals work.........for work?

Like this. You need to cancel out the frothiness of the floral piece by making everything else work-worthy (skirt, shoes).
Florals are like a touch of sunshine. You want them to brighten your look, not blind everyone.
So remember, shape, cut, color, and balance.