Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Sorry, ladies. I forgot to tell you.......FASHION STRUDEL WILL BE ON PINTEREST! If you have never heard of Pinterest, google it and sign up immediately. It's a virtual pinboard, which doesn't sound exciting (at least that's what I thought when I first signed up), but trust me. It can get fun and addictive very fast. I'll be sure to post the link when the official Fashion Strudel page is up and running.
Also, I wasn't very clear earlier. When I said the blog was coming back, I didn't just mean posting. I meant that now, the blog will actually be good. Looking over some of my past entries, I've seen that I'm not putting everything on the table for you guys. This blog could be so much better, and I was just giving y'all the bare minimum, which is definitely not acceptable.
So from now on, this blog will be me doing the best that I can do.
Thanks for believing in me, guys.
Ciao (again)


I am so sorry, readers. I am the worst blogger ever. I've been making promises to myself and to you about posting more, and I've been treating you all like ditchable prom dates, which you most certainly are not. But no more of that nonsense. There will be a new post tonight. Or tomorrow. Yes, from now on, Fashion Strudel will be going full speed ahead, with more posts, tips and tricks.
Feel free to comment with what you want to see next, or more of.