Thursday, October 31, 2013

Style Spotlight: Eleanor Calder

It's time for the Style Spotlight, something that I just now made up! All joking aside, this will be a monthly thing that I'll be doing. I'll select one individual that I find particularly stylish, and do a post on any tips or secrets they may have to offer. This post features someone that Directioners will be familiar with: the lovely girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, Miss Eleanor Calder.
For those of you who don't know, Eleanor Calder is just one of those people who wins at life. In addition to natural, god-given beauty, the 21 year old is intelligent, educated (she's studying politics and sociology at the University of Manchester) and has a ridiculously attractive and talented boyfriend who adores her.
But alas, I must digress. It seems that on top of the aforementioned blessings, Eleanor has also been gifted with a natural sense of style. I don't about you, but I have yet to see her in an outfit I dislike.

As you can see, Eleanor has a crisp, sleek style that's classy with a girly edge. I don't know Eleanor personally, (one can dream) but I'm fairly sure that you'd never catch her in a busy print or an obnoxious color, because that's just not her style. It's safe to assume that she likes classic, basic pieces that can  be mixed with anything and everything, like the peter pan top you see in the third picture. You could tuck it into fitted black jeans like Eleanor did, or you could pair it with a nice skater skirt and cardigan, or colored chinos and a denim jacket. This is a tip that I feel like everyone should follow. It'll save you money and closet space.
Another secret of Eleanor's that everyone should know? She knows her shape and actually dresses for it. She is tall and willowy, and wears pieces that work with that body type. Cropped pants, cutoffs, oversize jackets and tops, they all work for her. So for all you lucky ladies with a tall, athletic build, look to Eleanor for inspiration. I doubt she'll steer you wrong.
But what if you want to dress like Eleanor and don't have her figure? Don't worry about it. See the first picture at the top? It coincides with what I said my last post when talking about crop tops. Eleanor made sure she paired her crop top with a longer skirt so she was suitably covered. This look can work for anyone, and both pieces can be used for tons of other looks. (The whole classic/basic pieces thing comes full circle!)
Another look of Eleanor's that works for all body types? The Tuck.

What a handsome devil. Lucky girl. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah.
Tucking in one's shirt is actually a lot more flattering than people think. It slims your middle and visually flattens your stomach. Just tuck it in the front, and you should be okay.
One more thing of Eleanor's that I think people should copy? Her confidence. To the casual observer, being a superstar's girlfriend may not seem like a tough gig, but if you take a closer look, you see that Eleanor is actually a pretty brave girl. I know that if I received even a fraction of the hate she gets on Twitter, I would barely ever leave the house. (Joking, I barely ever leave the house anyway) But Eleanor seems to be above all that. Her relationship with Louis, and her life is more important than some pathetic Larry shipper cowering from behind a laptop. And that's a good attitude to have. So keep your heads up, ladies, and focus on what's really important, like Eleanor.

Happy Halloween, ladies. Eat lots of candy and watch a lot of scary movies! Or go outside and go to a party or something. Whichever.