Monday, November 12, 2012


The Military trend is seriously underappreciated. (Kind of like the real military) Many people don't see it for the fashion goldmine it is. So in honor of Veteran's Day, I've decided to do a post on how you can salute these men and women any day of the year.
Here are the basics.
These are the loose, army-green articles of clothing. I have been hunting for a good fatigue jacket/shirt FOREVER. They are essential to any wardrobe.Just remember that these are usually very loose pieces, so try to balance out the volume with skinny jeans or a bodycon skirt (Tuck it into the skirt, or it'll look like you forgot this cool thing called pants).
As for fatigue pants, go for skinny-cut ones. (If you want to get technical, you could just get skinny cargos).
Fatigue hats are hard to pull of without looking too 2005. Keep the rest of your pieces simple yet modern and you should be okay.
In short, fatigues are a great piece to add to one's closet. If you want to be unique, go vintage.


Ahoy, Sailor! The Navy has always had the most fashionable uniforms with their sailor motifs, escpecially in the 1940's. Middy blouses, horizontal stripes, peacoats and piping are all great, preppy basics to add to your closet.
(A word of warning on horizontal stripes. They can make curvy girls look wider, so be sure to play around with the fit and width of the stripes to find the right piece)
Don't forget to add some anchors!

There you have it. Two great ways to honor the troops. Happy belated Veteran's Day!