Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stunning Vintage That Won't Break the Bank!

I love, love, love vintage clothing. Except for when it doesn't fit me. That's the problem with this beautiful collection of clothes. none of them fit me! So I was hoping that I could get some help emptying my closet of these gorgeous dresses that tease me day in and day out. Help me!!!

modelling courtesy of Gracie H.

Large size photo

A dress I bought because of its 50's style. It does not look very good on me.......but it will on you!
Large size photo

This dress has a bit of stretch, and is glittery and comfy with a cute animal print. Roll it up and pair it with a denim jacket for an artsy urban look.

Large size photo

A vintage black velvet dress bought by my mom in 1984. Perfect for formal event or costume party!!!

All of these are available at: