Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Strudel?

When one thinks of a fashion blog, they don't necessarily think of......strudel. But I do. According to the dictionary, Strudel is a layered pastry with an often sweet filling, rolled into a flaky dough. My theory/analogy of the whole thing is this:
The Filling
In real strudel, the filling usually consists of fruit cheese, or other mixtures. In an outfit, the filling is your personality. Whether your style is steampunk-boho-preppy or trendy-tomboy-glam, your personality is what sways your decision while shopping, picking out the items of clothing that will go together, and putting together an outfit.
The Dough
Of course, there's a difference between having personality in your ensemble, and then looking like Madonna and Lady Gaga's wardrobes threw up on you. You can have an outfit that is indeed you, not ewww. The outside dough is the polish that is provided by multiple tips, tricks and help on this site.
See You Soon!