Monday, September 9, 2013

Fandom Fabulous

I have a confession to make, readers. I am a Directioner. I'm not joking. I love those five boys to death, and I'm  not alone. And even though I could literally talk about Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall all day, that's not what this post is about.
It's about dressing for your fandom.
Fandoms are both good and bad. The good part? You can make tons of new friends via the internet. The bad part? Being in a fandom could potentially wreck your social life, your GPA, and your body clock. So it's best to keep a balance intact.
Now, it doesn't matter if you're a Directioner, Whovian, Swiftie, Gleek, or if you've been Sherlocked. You can still express your love for that band/show/person in a chic way.
You want people to think, "Oh, she likes that band. Cool." not "Wow, I bet she never goes outside."
It's actually more simple than you think. The key is to not make any fan gear you have the focal point of the outfit. Make sense? Yes/no?
Observe. Say you have a t-shirt you bought at a concert that you want to wear to school, like so.
1D Take Me Home English Booth Tee 
You want to make it look like you just threw it on. No one needs to know you have several Tumblrs, Twitter accounts, and fanfics devoted to these guys just by looking at your outfit.FandomOutfit1 
There. By adding subtle color and texture with the jacket and chinos, then a bit of neutrality with the booties, you create a backdrop for not only the tee, but also the sparkle added by the necklace and bracelets. To keep the laid-back vibe going, add a casual half-up. Remember, the different parts of the outfit need to work together. If you put the fandom gear center stage, with no other pieces of interest, people will assume you're one of  those. You know, doesn't go outside, subsists on a diet of Nutella and Sour Patch Kids, fingers glued to her keyboard. And even if you are one of those, it's important for people to get to know you for you, not the band or show you like.
 Let's say you want to wear your merch during a night on the town. The same rules apply, but this time, get a little more fancy with it, like so.

 Boom. A night out with the Doctor. By adding some platform booties and a flashy necklace, this tank becomes a conversation piece.(Do a half-tuck into whatever bottoms you're wearing to make it appear more casual) A flirty bun helps keep the concentration on the top in a subtle way. Try to think of the merch as the icing on the cupcake that is your outfit. By keeping the base simple yet interesting (colored jeans or a cool jacket) and adding some sprinkles (one or two cute accessories, such as jewelry or a hat), you have an outfit/cupcake that is both original and appealing.
Another way to support your fandom? Don't be afraid to wear your inside jokes! If you see a tee with an expression or catchphrase that only a true fan would understand, go for it! Just remember the guidelines and make it the icing, and you should be golden. Who knows? Your outfit may bring out the true fan in someone else, which could result in a beautiful new friendship.

See? Cupcakin' it. Simple. Let's review.

1.) Start with an interesting base such as textured shorts, a pastel blazer, etc.
2.) Add your fandom gear. Make sure that it and the previous pieces work together, and that they draw equal amounts of attention.
3.) Add one or two accessories. A cute scarf, a bright bag, a blingy necklace, or statement earrings come to mind here. As long as they add a dash of sparkle, either literally or figuratively.

Now that we've covered what to do, it's time to address the Don'ts.

Believe it or not, there is someone out there crazy enough to make One Direction shoes.

These exist. These are a thing.
If you ever find a pair of shoes like these, One Direction or otherwise, do not buy them. If you do, you will be asking, nay, begging for ridicule, either behind your back or to your face. And you don't want that. Your fandom did not slave away on multiple social media networks just so you literally tread on your idol. So don't do it.
Also, dresses.

This exists too. Don't buy this either. Basically, anything other than a tote bag, sweatshirt, or t-shirt is just weird. Fan-print leggings, skirts, etc. Just don't go there. Harsh? Maybe. Truth? Definitely.

Also ladies, it's important to remember that being your own person is more important than any fandom.
You're a fan? Great. So are thousands of other people. Try to set yourself apart once in a while. That being said, isn't anyone else excited for Midnight Memories in November? Also, who's seen This Is Us? Comment with your thoughts, and tell me what you want to see next.

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