Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girl's Night Out

Ah, Girl's Night Out. That pivotal night that allows you to find  Mr Right (or Mr. Right Now),or the diner that serves the best late-night pancakes, or that ever-elusive ideal party pic. This blog is dedicated to finding you that ideal outfit for Ladies' Night, without looking like a Lady of the Night. Whatever your style is, your out can convey "I'm ready to party!" See?

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Ladie's Night

Your Girl's Night Basics:

A good party accessory, like a necklace or bangle that throws some color into the look.
A great pair of earrings is always a wise investment.They elongate the neck and throw some sparkle onto the face. Non-pierced people, don't try to avoid it, they've been making clip-ons for like, 40 years now. So put on your big girl panties and get a pair (of earrings!).

A go-to item of clothing. A cocktail dress, brightly patterned tunic top, that can be dressed up or down is ideal. You can throw it on, add some jewelry,and poof ready to go.


A party-ready attitude. If you don't want to go out, don't. You don't have to go out just because your girlfriends do. Stay home and drink some Chardonnay (if you're not legal and reading this, drink something else! Alcohol is bad........)

It's Question Corner Time, something I just now made up! YAY!
How slutty is too slutty when it comes to girl's night out?
Well, let me put it this way. If you take a look at your outfit, then google "hookers" on your phone/computer ,and you and the hookers look like you shop at the same places, you should probably change. Unless you like looking like a hooker/call girl/prostitute. Which in my opinion, is lame.

Eeeeuuuuuwww! Who even wears that?


It's the balance thing I keep talking about. If you're going to wear low-cut tank, wear a longer skirt, as not to look skanky.
So remember, jewelry, go-to piece, and balance.
Send some suggestions and comment, pretty please with Nutella on top!

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